Sunday, October 20, 2013

Conquering Rinjani with an injured knee...


I will just let the pictures do the talking.
The sunrise before my climb up Mount Rinjani
The mountain... a loooong way up!

Just before lunch.. it was scorching hot!
The team! Couldnt do it without them carrying all my bags!

The look of 'Penyesalan' I was too exhausted to even smile...

A friend who conquered the summit. I didn't, afraid of injuring my knee further.

A man performing the ablution
In the middle of the volcano- The Danau

Having lunch after our short but challenging descend of Rim 1 (of the volcanic crater)
The view on the way up Rim 2

The Rinjani with Anak Rinjani (the smaller volcano) in the middle of the lake/ danau

On ascending the second Rim (Rim 2)
Me at Rim 2 of Rinjani with Mount Agung (in Bali) on the background

A tourist had a fall in Gua Susu, fracrured her pelvis. . She was being carried up and down the mountain...
I just don't know how the men who carried her did it... surely not an easy task!
I was climbing with an already injured knee. I felt sharp pains on every single step and I 'protected' myself from the pain too much on going down the crater. And then... I fell AGAIN! This is after my fall... I just couldn't bend my knee and had to slide myself down.
My meniscus was really straining and one of my toenails flipped up, VERY PAINFUL!
Me on top of Rinjani and Mount Agung behind me

At last! I was in agony all the 12km way down the mountain with an injured knee..
We left Lombok Island and off to Gili Trawangan Island to wind down after the climb....
The sunset at Gili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan
A favourite mode of transport in Gili Trawangan
The sunset
Scrumptous JAGUNGGG!
I miss this Ikan Mujahir or was it Jawahir and lalapan.. sangat sedap!

Back at Lombok Island.....

After 2 days of rest, we left Gili and went back to Lombok to catch our flight home sweet home....
At last... we found Masakan Padang... we finished almost ALL of these!

Had a nice time winding down after the climb here at  Lombok Island

Me... after my fall and after which, I still ran on the injured knee...

That's all...
Too busy and too tired nowadays and busier days ahead of me...
Will be better once December comes, InsyaAllah...

I am undergoing some physiotherapy now for pain relief and I am already eyeing for a running event in January 2014, hopefully I can make it for that... AMIN!



  1. it was! Alhamdulillah... despite walking on crutches now, I have no regrets AT ALL kak Mulan! hehhee

  2. nice mountain views :)

    degil la doctor ini, kaki sakit bertambah sakit...hehe congrats

  3. hehehe... degil ke sakit ke...hati sangat puas... nothing beats the feeling when you have conqured something you have never ever dreamed of doing... You LAGI DEGIL, OK?!