Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bali... where one realise how beautiful the sunset is...


I am writing today as I just cannot concentrate anymore at work. I'm just taking a short break now.

I had been busy... After I came back to work for a week, I went away with all but one of the lecturers in the department.
on 23/8... all of us flew to Bali! Yes... ! We really enjoyed ourselves so much, alhamdulillah.

We stayed at Villa Atas Awan in Ubud. A very beautiful getaway in the midst of a village in Ubud and just staying there was enough for all of us.

Our abode for the weekend... Villa Atas awan
When we arrived at the villa, we were welcomed by an army of the workers of the villa. We were greeted by the romantic lights of the villa sat amongst beautiful trees and lushes garden of flowers. What is going to Bali if we don't enjoy the other parts of the beautiful island kan?

After we performed our solats, we sat off to Ubud town for the Balinese Lenggung (or something..oh, really my mind is really not functioning today!) after that, we went off for dinner. Loved the dessert...forgotten the name now but it was like kuih ketayap with bananas, we named it Ke-nana. Hehehe.. it was yummilicious. I particularly loved the chocolate.

After dinner, we went straight back to the villa for a much needed rest.

Early next morning, 24/8... I woke up at 4am. After my taubat and tahajud prayer, (gosh! I remember it was quite cold out there, despite no aircond or a fan in the room!) I prepared breakfast. I was the 'food manager'... I called myself Makcik canteen. I brought many packets of maggi but in 20 minutes, there were freshly made tuna sandwich and a big bowl of maggi goreng.

The breakfast which was included in the villa package was ready by 8am but we were hungry before that. After our 2 courses of breakfast, we went of to Bedegul to have lunch. Before that we went to a place where they sell paintings. Beautiful but pricey paintings. After that we went straight to have a look at the Lake Temblingan and had our lunch at Bedugul at the peak.

Later we went straight to Tanah Lot for the sunset... It was beautiful of course! MasyaALLAH...

We had air kelapa muda while watching the sunset. Mesmerizing... How come sunset is beautiful here? I think sunset would be the same elsewhere too...!

After the sunset... we all did some quick shopping and we left for Jimbaran Bay for seafood dinner. It was pretty expensive I thought, nothing to shout about but i guess the food is secondary, the company was good. We had a lot of fun eating and just not talk about work for a change.

We were all exhausted after dinner... and dozed off once we got back to the villa.


The sunset at Tanah Lot....

The next day, 25/8... some of us had an early morning balinese massgae. I mean how can one leave Bali without having the authentic massage kan? I had mine around 10am I think. It was alrite..I had better sessions before... maybe she was a new.

More pics of Villa Atas Awan...


That day, we went our separate ways. some left on an earlier flight, some later but MM, AI and I were left behind to continue on our exciting adventure....!

To be continued!

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